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So two mormons come to the door...

This isn't a joke. I just had a conversation with the boys in white shirts.

(not my mormons)

I refuse to call them 'Elder'. That seems kinda rediculous.

Anyway... Just thought I'd share some highlights:

- They believe in a multiple-god setup... they don't believe the trinity so I had some fun talking about that.

- Don't let them get on the book of Mormon. If you're going to talk with them... stick to the bible. The huge difference is that they claim that the bible is true. We don't claim the B.O.M to be true... so make them keep the conversation in scripture.

- The gap between the two was less than 6 months on the field. Usually it's closer to a year.

- I enjoy talking to them about Civil Rights. The church of LDS didn't change their stand on African Americans until 1978. Knowing this... I ask if it's odd that they were 13 years or so behind the American civil rights movement. They claim to have a modern prophet... I've always thought it funny that he didn't see that coming. They believe that Black skin is Cain's punishment for killing Able so therefore Africans could not be Preists in the church. They changed it in 1978... I guess it wasn't going well for recruiting.

- I'm glad that I know what they believe. Knowing their belief system allows me to bring up conversations they usually aren't ready to have.

- The temple is the big deal. They asked me: "Where is the temple that Jesus talked about?" I said, right here. As a follower of Jesus Christ I am the temple of God. In addition... the temple was used for EVANGELISTIC purposes in the NT. The 'church' met in homes. One of the ideals behind the B.O.M. is that they are restoring the Temple that Jesus talked about.

- Mono-theism. One-God. They have a strange interpretation of what those two words mean. They believe that one god for this universe and another god for another universe... they claim mono-theism but it's really a deceptive version of pluralism. It's a mess if you try to get them to sort it out. Funny actually.

- The book of mormon has nearly 650 changes since it's creation just under 200 years ago (around 1820). Talk about problems. You see, they get away with these revisions because each 'prophet' has the ability to change what was said before. This is new revelation. Their comment is "So God is limited on giving us new revelation?" I said "Not limited... but let's be honest... you don't even have an understanding of his scripture... what makes you think that you can be sure of what you believe now?"

- Test the Spirits. He kept asking me to read the book of mormon and pray to see if it's true. I said "Why don't you pray and see if the bible is true after you read it?" He had previously told me that he left the mormon church in his early teen years in a period of 'rebellion'. I asked what he did spiritually... he said he went to a BAPTIST church.... Go figure! :)

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Friday, April 14, 2006


At 3:15 PM, Blogger Daniel said...

I've done some research on Mormonism. It's pretty intresting. Many people don't know that Joseph Smtih was arrested in New York for "Glass Looking" and that the same "magic" stick he used to interprete the BOM he had used previously to find water on peoples farms.

Here is a quote from the BOM that is interesting.

"THE NEGROES ARE NOT EQUAL WITH OTHER RACES where the receipt of certain spiritual blessings are concerned, ...but this inequality is not of man's origin. IT IS THE LORD'S DOING, is based on his eternal laws of justice, and grows out of the LACK OF SPIRITUAL VALIANCE OF THOSE CONCERNED IN THEIR FIRST ESTATE [the Mormon pre-existence]." LDS "Apostle" Bruce R. McConkie, Mormon Doctrine, p. 527 - 528, 1966 edition, emphasis added.

One website that is really good was created by an ex-mormon. It is not a pro-Christian website and is very objective. Check it out at www.exmormon.org.

At 10:27 PM, Anonymous Lyle said...

Some different mormons came to our house a few days ago, i always have great ideas on what to do, like when they knocked i wanted to have annie scream really really loud, then i could answer the door in my shorts with no shirt on and say, "what do you want... boy?" or i wanted to ask them how many wives they wanted to have. but then i'm to nice and i can't get myself to do it... ah, maybe someday, they come so rarely though that i need to just do it one day!!!


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