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Wanted, not Needed

Tomorrow Focal Point Church will gather to worship Jesus Christ as our Messiah. The body will gather, music will be played, scripture will be read. There will be prayers in silence, prayers as a community and testimonies of God's grace. All of this will happen without Tally Wilgis.

Kristy and I plan to attend the service only at the very end so our people can meet the new addition to our family.

I don't want tomorrow to be focused on us. I will not rob God of that gathering. What I hope our people see is that Focal Point is not about who is up front. There will be no less than 10 people doing various things (testimonies, prayer, song) throughout the service tomorrow. I want our people to see that we individually aren't "needed" but rather "wanted" by God. God desires us and he desires to use our talents for His glory. So often times in ministry I see a different attitude. I've seen paid and lay staff take their talents to an extreme. The attitude becomes "Well, I'm important so everyone better get that through their head." It amazes me.

Tomorrow our people will see that without their Pastor this new church plant can move forward. Hopefully they won't kick me out but hopefully they will embrace the ministry above all.

Have a great Saturday evening!

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Saturday, July 23, 2005


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