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Linchpins, Leadership and Lordship

linch┬Ěpin or lynch┬Ěpin Pronunciation Key (l'nch'p'n')

  1. A locking pin inserted in the end of a shaft, as in an axle, to prevent a wheel from slipping off.
  2. A central cohesive element: Reduced spending is the linchpin of their economic program.

Yesterday I learned that a key family in our church may be forced to leave our area soon. The husband (who leads our music) lost his job. I've joked that our band is an updated Partridge family (not in any derogatory sense) because 4 out of 5 members of the band are family. They are an extremely talented group of individuals. God has used their gifts in amazing ways over the last 7 months.

This family also opens up their home for tons of things within our church body.
Our ladies regularly have a lunch together there on Thursdays (among other places), they've hosted small groups, they host cookouts and in May they hosted a Baptism in their back yard. In addition our student department (about 25 to 30 kids) was mainly built from the two High School students reaching out to their friends at school. I can't say how central this family has been to our church these last 7-8 months.

My role as their Pastor:
This family will have our support and love in every way I can imagine. I will want to lead our church to demonstrate Agape love to them in the midst of this dramatic change. High school students moving from their friends is never a fun thing. Leaving a new church where God has matured you several levels (their words, not mine) is not a good feeling. We'll love them through it all.

The great thing is that God is the one who has ultimate control and they are HIS children and this church is HIS church.

This reality is not a trite phrase but rather a confident truth. God doesn't have a panic button in Heaven. Do you think he's concerned with the plight of our little (which is a realistic term no matter your church size in a world of 6 billion people) church? No. He's got it under control.

I've learned to live with my hands open with my palms to the sky. The Lord brings and the Lord moves away... blessed be the name of the Lord.

I encourage you to take time to demonstrate your love and appreciation to those who co-labor with you in ministry.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Tuesday, June 28, 2005


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