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Go for the ASK!

Yesterday I got a call from my friend Ben Arment with History Church outside of D.C.

Since I jumped into the church planting thing Ben and I have kept in contact over the last year and a half. Ben is one of the few guys I've looked to in church planting that honestly inspire me. He has done a terrific job planting in a cold spiritual climate. He's in the Reston/Herndon area of VA which is within the boundaries of the high-pressure and quickly moving Beltway scene. In addition to D.C.'s political side the Northern VA area is dotted with high-tech firms and big business. Ben is in the middle of materialism and power central. "A desire to acquire that's gone haywire." (Ed Young's line).

Anyway, Ben has kept his nose to the grind and has gotten History Church onto stable footing. They are financially sound and spiritually amazing. I've learned much from observing how Ben and Ainsley have put together History Church to be a community rather than a church. Ben's passion and commitment excite me each time we talk.

My conversation yesterday with Ben was a little different. He challenged me. In a great way Ben challenged me to 'go for the Ask'. Ben is a good motivator and communicator. He challenged me on the phone yesterday to being sharing the story of Focal Point with those in a position to make a difference. Ben reads the blog regularly and sees what God is doing. He also knows of what God has done with so few resources at our disposal.

Ben's challenge to me is a challenge to all of us (especially if you are the lead on your team)... Go for the ask. Go ahead and stick your neck out for the team. Do you need finances? Ask. Do you need staff? Ask. Does your department or organization need changes that someone above you can make? Ask.

So I am going to take Ben's advice in the weeks to come and begin the "Ask". In what area do you need to go for the ask?

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Wednesday, May 04, 2005


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