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"There is more out there... We have commercials"

I work from a home-office.
Just a few minutes ago the Mormons came by wanting to chat. I introduced myself and said "Guys, I'm a Pastor of a Christian church. I'll be glad to talk with you if you would like." They obviously did not want to go there. Then one of the guys (I believe the younger one said "Well, you may want to read this book, we encourage it." as he pointed to the book of Mormon).

I said "We can talk about that book if you want." The older guy said "We're not here to debate.

Of course not. (rant)
They don't want to talk to anyone who has a backbone spiritually. They are looking to pick apples from the tree of life. (I admit it I'm bothered)

About 2 weeks ago one of the teens in our department got a call on her cell when she was visiting my wife and I. It was a Mormon "elder". He wanted to talk to her. She's already shared that she believed in Jesus Christ as her savior and was very active in her church. Why would they continue to bug her? They want her to convert.

So lets see. If someone understands their faith you don't talk to them. If someone doesn't have a faith you tell them that they need a book outside of the bible for salvation. In addition if someone is a Christian, you manipulate scripture to get them over to the book of Mormon where you begin as if they have no faith. It's crazy.

As the guys on my front porch obviously looked like they were ready to leave, the younger said to me "We just want you to know that there is more... We have commercials." as he pointed to his "elder" tag.

They have commercials.

What I will say about the Mormon church is that they are persistent. They do have commercials, they do have guys in pairs walking the streets every day and they do have retention. We have a lot to learn as Christians.... I'm as frustrated with myself right now as much as I am frustrated at the actions of the Mormon church.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Thursday, April 07, 2005


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