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Pope Passing Away

Today we hear that the Pope is passing away. As a Protestant Pastor some might assume I wouldn't pay much attention to this moment in history. That assumption would be false. In addition to a Pastor I am a human, student and political observer.

The Pope has a long list of accomplishments that have shaped his 27 years. Since I have been alive Pope John Paul II has been the head of the Catholic church. Some of the things I will remember about him are that in 1981 he publically forgave the man who attempted to kill him. He was instrumental in helping the world see the fall of Communism as it once was known. He fought for a culture of life throughout his term and even came out to apologize for Christianity ignoring the holocaust for so long by their silence.

I hold a different theology than the vatican but I can appreciate as a human what God used this man to do. The Catholic church (and more particularly the next Pope) will have some large shoes to fill.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Friday, April 01, 2005


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