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Are we blind or apathetic?

I'm not a huge NYTimes fan but I read to take in a wide variety of opinions. I've found that most extreme idealogues are wacked and many of life's issues are solved in the pragmatic center. Reading the Times for me balances out the banners carried by hard core right-wingers on many issues. I'm a fan of our current President but I find myself agreeing in principle with the following story.

We're either blind or apathetic to become witness to a genocide in the Sudan. It's as if we (the American people) have become spectators (or bystanders) to an old-fashioned slaughter in the Roman coliseum. In a day and age where I'm laying in bed printing documents wirelessly through my home LAN, people are having limbs cut off and watching sisters raped and brothers burned half a world away. As we talk about third-world debt and competition with China people are being killed by the hundreds of thousands for their faith (among other reasons). I'm down with freedom and I'm against Iran having nukes for what they MAY do SOMEDAY but isn't the loss of over 300k people (low estimate) enough to cause us to intervean?

Check out the NYT article here.

American Christians are convenient to make "moral" argument to the government when it's an issue directly tied to their pockets or pews but not so much so when it's an issue tied to the world stage. As we argue over gay marriage for example {although it's a worthy discussion}, a quarter of a million of our brothers and sisters are being tortured and murdered. As we debate drilling in Alaska for a days supply of oil, mothers watch their kids get taken away and raped. As we argue on each other's blog about music in church, Calvinism and tithing...etc.

DC Talk (Liberty Alum--Go LU) have a song called "What have we become?" that seems rather appropriate right now.

**Again, as with many of my expressed passions, I'm talking about myself as much as anyone else and I pray that these seeds God stirs in me take root to allow me to be a part of the solution and my life would have mattered because I acted. My postings aren't ever meant to bring down others... only to inspire and challenge us all to a higher sense of responsibility. I know many younger Pastors read this blog. We have to lead our people to care about these areas our predecessors have blindly ignored. We must lead our people to demonstrate their faith through actions. If the Rotary can wipe out Polio, imagine what the American Church (most wealthy organism/organization on the planet) could do if we focused.**

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Sunday, April 17, 2005


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