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Christ's Korn

Disclaimer: This post is not about superstar faith. It's another example of life-change that the world needs to know about.
Brian Head Welch a guitarist for the rock band Korn recently gave his life to Christ.
I just listened to Brian's testimony from yesterday at his home church. An estimated 200 people gave their lives to Christ yesterday.

God is incredible. I spoke to our teens last week about Brian's story when I first read something about it and 1 teen came to Christ. Jesus Christ is all-powerful and yes he can reach a band member in a heavy metal rock band.

Christianity doesn't "need" famous people to come to Christ but when they do we should support and encourage them as best we can. Listening to Brian's testimony I believe he's genuinely changed. If you know anyone into this scene who is not saved I encourage you to read what's going on in the life of Brian Welch and use this as an opportunity to witness.

Brian Welch said from the church stage about his new mission: "I'm going to build churches, I'm going to grow in my faith... You watch me... "

Brian's Church and Testimony

Brian's New Personal Site

Brian's Story on MTV.com

Brian's Testimony according to MTV.com

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Monday, February 28, 2005


At 9:34 AM, Anonymous daniel said...

WOW! This is so exciting!! I heard about his salvation experience, but I didn't hear anyone confirming it. So this story makes me excited.

I totally agree with you...God doesn't need "famous people" to get saved...he longs for it...but don't need it.

I heard a good friend of mine once share at a concert this startling fact: "God doesn't need us. He longs for us...but never think that He once needed us. Because long after we are gone...God will still be on his throne. And when we get that...we become a thankful people that are glad that God even smiled our way." (I'll blog on this soon!)

So all of that quote to say...you are right....God doesn't need...but he longs for it...and I know he's smilin'! :) Thanks for the great post!

Have a rockin' day!


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