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2 year Retro Thought

Below is a copy of a blog I wrote two years ago. I enjoy going back and seeing what God was teaching me and the experiences I had which helped bring me to where I am today.

Some of this answer actually can apply to answer my post from earlier this morning:
Knowing God 2/27/03 [link]
After talking with someone today about 'legalism vs. Christian living', I spoke of brokeness and the fact that our lives shouldn't be spent wondering 'WWJD' and reacting...

The church spends time teaching rules, codes of conduct and what's 'proper' of a Christ-follower which distracts us from the fact that God desires a relationship with Him. So we teach people that if they 'read their bible' or 'go to church' that they are more spiritually mature. Spiritual maturity isn't what we do. Grace slaps legalistic teaching in the face. Spiritual Maturity is having such a deep relationship with your God that you quit 'fighting for the remote' of your life. You realize that the Holy Spirit lives in you and desires to be expressed through your life. He can only do that when you allow Him to act. He won't force your hand, you must be broken so that he can shine through.

Explaining that, I was asked "How do you stay broken then?" Awesome question!
Knowing God ultimately means knowing self in relation. As you know God more and more, you realize his awesomeness and soverignty, his power, his might and quality after quality that rocks your world. The more you 'Know God', the more you realize that self isn't all that great. We are to come to him like a Child. Children don't fully know 'self'. The are so willing to accept the hugeness of God and allow Him to 'show them the ropes'. As we become young men and women, we begin to 'know self' much more. Adults definately (think they) have the world figured out. God wants you to know Him because the more you know Him, the more you realize that you are like that Child. You too are simplistic and helpless. Understanding this, you then give up rights to yourself and give them to God. You realize that your 'doings' aren't the deal. Your surrender becomes your measure. Know God. Spend your life getting to know Him.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Wednesday, February 16, 2005


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