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Great Service in an Unlikely Place

John and I took some time away from working to go to downtown Dallas this afternoon and grab lunch. When we got down there we realized we were extremely close to the JFK memorial area. We decided to take some time and look for the grassy knoll. After we parked we went over to a giant lego structure which is actually a memorial for JFK. As we read about the various sites to see we were approached by a man who began by pointing out all of the areas we'd want to see. He started by describing quickly the route of the motorcade and telling us where J. Harvy Oswald was killed and where the 'Grassy Knoll' was located.

He then make a quick joke about the monument (his comment was about it looking like the lego structure I referenced earlier). He then pulled out a newspaper wrapped in plastic and said "Gentleman, I sell these papers which will give you all you need to know about JFK and his trip to Dallas. This is my job. This is how I put food on the table. Would you be willing to buy one of these papers from me for $5?"

Author's Note:
I grew up in Baltimore City. I've seen scams. I know the paper likely costs 50 cents somewhere (I don't know where). I know I could have gone to a local store and bought something similar.
I also didn't care about any of that....

John and I pitched in and bought the paper. We didn't care about the paper per-se. We bought the experience, we bought the dialogue, we bought his presentation. He deserved our sale. In reality he gave us more information (for free) than we would have gotten by reading monuments.

We quickly were able to get on our way and see what we came to town to see.

We all need these type of people in our ministries, our businesses and in our cities. This guy gave me an experience and I am a satisfied customer.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Wednesday, January 19, 2005


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