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Broken Bone and Trash Talk

I played ball last night and had some fun talking trash. There's just something about street ball that requires you to school the other team when they want to talk. It's a part of the fun. When the other team starts talking I like to talk back. Phrases that came out of my mouth after I scored were things like: "Get off of me." , "You can't guard me." , "I couldn't hear you, the net was too loud." All in fun.

I had fun but somewhere in the first game I may have broken a finger on my right hand. Whatever I did, it doesn't look right. I'm thinking it's not broken b/c it doesn't really hurt but I may have strained a ligament or something. The tip of my middle finger isn't straight. It's like it is supposed to naturally be straight but it isn't.

We had a good time playing ball but my hand looks gross and it makes it fun trying to type quickly. I've done some damage to myself over the years but I've never broken a bone. Have you ever broken a bone?

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Wednesday, July 15, 2009


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