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Out Takes

We did some more filming this week for our site- CaptivateChurch.com and along the way I realized we were piling up on out takes. Hopefully this will let you feel more human today. Have a fun Friday! Check out the video below. For my friends in the feed readers... come to the site for the fun.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Thursday, June 18, 2009

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Strategy For Hire

First Ben... then Tony... now Carlos...

In the church world I'm spotting a trend. I think it could become a good one.

Recently several key voices in Christianity have started the transition out of staff roles at one church to make themselves available to the church at large. These transitions are coming from some of the best minds I know in ministry.

Ben Arment recently left his role with Catalyst Conferences to run with his dream of "History Tellers". The first major product of this new venture is called Story Chicago. The concept is terrific. I've had the honor to know Ben for a number of years and to say that he's now in his sweet spot would be an understatement beyond all understatements. Ben has had this dream of History Tellers in his mind for over a decade. Check out his blog for more of that story. Ben is also available for coaching/consulting type of work and its rumored that he knows a thing or two about web and print presence a la the Revolution. Our church plant is utilizing his services later this month to provide some outside assessment.

Tony Morgan recently came off of staff at NewSpring Church in Anderson, SC and is going to pursue his next adventure. From what I understand he will continue to focus on his writing as well as some coaching and consulting. Ohh yeah, he's also doing a "Killing Cockroaches Summer Tour". I'm not sure if he's using a Winnebego but it sounds like a pretty cool tour. I wouldn't be shocked to see him out with more news in weeks to come but for now at least the consulting, book tour and coaching networks will keep him busy.

Carlos Whittaker announced yesterday that he too is moving from the comforts of church payroll to play a unique role in the church-at-large. Now instead of his talents being utilized exclusively by North Point Ministries he can now spread the love to your church if you so wish. Carlos as you know is one of the most transparent and authentic dudes in Christianity today. His online presence at RaggamuffinSoul.com has become more than a static blog (cough:: like mine ::cough) and actually taken on elements of a community. Carlos will be using these strengths he's harnessed in that arena to assist North Point Ministries as they launch "North Point Online". Additionally he's recently been signed as an artist with Integrity

I share all of their stories just to illustrate a few things:

- Pray for them. These guys are all amazing and talented in their own right but they'll be the first to tell you that they need the prayers of the body more than ever. Honor them by putting them on your prayer list. They have taught so many of us so much so lets be faithful to lift them up.

- Be challenged by them. Each one of us has a calling of God on our life. I'm so encouraged to see men of God step out on faith. If you're reading this and there is a call of God that you're ignoring... be challenged and be encouraged by their faith.

- Support them by hiring them. Each of these guys has to now feed their families as entrepreneurs. If you are in a position to hire a consultant to wrestle with some issues you've got going on... or you just want someone to give you a new perspective... contact them and throw out a proposal. If that doesn't work out go purchase Tony's book, attend Ben's conference or purchase Carlos' album. Support these guys as they work to build up the church.

Finally again I encourage you to ask yourself, what dreams do you need to chase?

Thanks guys for leading the rest of us.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Tuesday, June 02, 2009

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Test Your Skillz

Take the following test and let me know how you do and what you think.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Monday, June 01, 2009

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