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Cross Pointe Church at the Fudgery

The last two weeks have been an amazing whirlwind. I've been able to spend time with some amazing people and speak to nearly a dozen churches about potential partnership opportunities. I'm in a time of prayer for the right partners to join arms with us to reach our potential with TheBaltimoreProject. God has been so good thus far and I know He'll partner us with some tremendous churches.

One of the great churches that has taken an interest in our work is Cross Pointe Church of Duluth, GA. Cross Pointe is lead by Dr. James Merritt and as I've come to discover has a great team of people serving with him. This past weekend I spent time with two gentleman from Cross Pointe who were here to discuss partnership opportunities and logistics for TWO teams they are planning to send our way this summer.

We had a lot of fun together... below is a sample of what we got into.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Wednesday, April 08, 2009


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