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TheBaltimoreProject.com UPDATE

What's up friends?

I'm dropping this note to give you an update on things here at The Baltimore Project.

- Within the next week or so I will share with you some amazing news. God has been gracious to our efforts and I'm pumped to let you get a glimpse of what He's doing.

- Our daughter is amazing. Continue praying for Kristy as she's the food provider and has been getting the least amount of sleep. We go for a check up later today for Ainsley.

- Over the next week I will also unveil two new websites.
Each site will give you a specific way that you and your church can get involved in The Baltimore Project. The strength of these efforts for us will be in the COMBINED effort of 100 churches (our goal) and not in any one church or small group lifting a large load. I'm seriously praying that we get 100 churches or small groups to catch the vision for these. I'll share them with you later.

- I'm going to get back on the road. Without a doubt our best awareness was during my first tour in November. With our move, Christmas and then the birth of my daughter Ainsley I have not been able to get back out on the road. That all changes this month. This week I'm putting together my schedule and I want you to help me with where to go. At the end of February I'm going to head down to SUNNY SOUTH FLORIDA!!! I'm positive that I'm in the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area as well as Tampa. I'd like to find a few churches in Orlando to visit and make my way back down to Miami in time to fly back out. HIT ME UP if you know of some good church staffs I should check out or who you'd like to see on the tour.

- After Florida I'm planning two more spring trips. One will be to the Chicagoland area where I'll soon be contacting some people you know and then I'm going to make a Texas trip. My hope in Texas is to visit a few places in Dallas, San Antonio and Austin and possibly Houston. Again, if you are in those areas and are open to having me stop by, let me know. I'm going to contact a few people in those areas as well.

- This is the month that most of our supporters will start their funding.
We're very grateful for those churches and individuals who have decided to make a financial investment in our work here. Please pray that God not only blesses their faithfulness but brings back their contribution many times over. If it were not for generous churches giving in these times, new churches wouldn't be able to get off the ground.

- If you, your family, your small group or your church
is open to becoming a supporter of TheBaltimoreProject I would love to talk with you. We have various ways to get involved and would love to have you and your team involved!

- We're still looking for about 6 mission teams to visit us this summer. We have a wide variety of activities and would love to have your involvement in what we're up to in Baltimore.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Monday, February 02, 2009


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